Double Lock Full Powersweep Kit 12mm 14mm 16mm




**New Double Lock Option Now & 2016**
You now have the option of selecting a keyed version where the drive of the rods is via keys (the original double lock)
No keys making double lock more affordable at entry level and still strong and durable enough to carry our famous no quibble 12 month full replacement guarantee, yes you are covered for broken rods check other supplies if this is the case!

Keyed Version Update 2016
*You wanted drive keys without pins we have made a solid one piece fixings eliminating side pins giving the fixings a smooth body finish and solid keys giving even more strength and durability.

*We have upgraded the steel to brass for extra durability and down graded the prices!
*We have increased the release hole even bigger to make releasing even more smooth and effortless.
* Upgraded brushhead from 4 strands to 10 strands
* All drill drivers are now stainless steel with a drill chuck shape to illuminate drill slip and chuck wear.

Keeping the Double Lock always ahead of the game at reasonable prices.
We will never be beaten on price or service!
All our rods are solid Nylon not hollow, check when buying from other suppliers.

Everything you need to get started or swapping over to powersweeping or renewing your current powersweeping kit.
Kit includes
10 x 1m 12mm diameter
10x 1m 14mm diameter
10 x 16mm diameter
1 x 4 strand Mini For boiler pipe work
10 strand Torpedo brushhead 1 x 4″-12″ 1 x 12″-25″
Ultimate scrub 18 strand brush head 1 x 4″-12″ 1 x 12″-25″
1 x Wire short 4 strand bullet
Allan keys for heads
2 x drill drivers (1 quick change 1 x locking)
Chimney Rod Bag Rod Caddy

All Prices shown are including VAT and Free Delivery!

We give a Full 12 month Guarantee: We cover All our Double Lock products Rods, Fixings, Heads, Drivers & attachments , with a replacement if needed. We don`t just cover the fixings we cover the Rods, Fixings, Heads, Drivers & attachments. We do not cover Strands Chains and wire head inserts.
Request a Free sample of Double Lock

We will send you a free sample for you to try our double lock connection free of charge.
To request a sample

Push the contact us button on the left fill in the form with request free sample with delivery address.

Check when buying if that other suppliers will? We wont charge you for the delivery either.

5 reviews for Double Lock Full Powersweep Kit 12mm 14mm 16mm

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    8 Months in still happy

    8 months in and still very happy tried most gear in the game and paid a lot more for some at times…and very happy with double lock, no issues and use daily. Tip i use one button unscrew the other one follow the instructions i can use it one hand and no issues with one button, I can understand that some are happy to use the two buttons for extra security if you are new to sweeping and fear the lost rod in a flue scenario / nightmare then yes two buttons give you double protection. I run on one for speed and yes i have a spare button for the future if needed! Rods are in got to be over a inch into the fixings crimped with glue and then pinned with a thick i think stainless steel pin must have 3 mm wall all round in my experience the wall of the fixing is where weakness is and wears through making a weakness, i can’t see this happening with these for along time…

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Impressed with support

    Very happy with kit small issue with a adaptor was missing but emailed and had response within 40 mins or so had the adaptor next day. Support 10/10

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Still working well

    Had the kit for a while now, no issues, good quality fittings and great customer service. I’m using this on a daily basis and apart from a good clean and spray with oil every week, which you’d do with any kit you use anyway, I’ve had no issues.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Top Draw

    Met a sweep on a job the other day had aluminium fittings that was half worn through in 5 months, he nearly fell over when i told him mine are 2 years in and part from one rod breaking due to a jam no issues, when i told him i paid less he did fall over hahaha

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great kit

    Well put together, easy to use kit. Have used various stuff but thought I’d give this a go as the price seemed very competitive.
    Have used it daily for about a month and all seems good so far. Fittings are good quality and the double lock works well even when quite dirty. It took me a bit of getting used to initially, but now I’ve used the double lock on a daily basis, I find it an easy and secure system, time will tell on the durability, but I have no reason to suspect that there will be any issues.

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