Double Lock Chain Brush/ Chain Whip




Chain brush to be used on extreme tar creosote build up. Professorial use recommended use with caution.
We supply replacement chains / shackles if needed.
Recommended 14mm & 16mm rods .
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2 reviews for Double Lock Chain Brush/ Chain Whip

  1. Sooty ? then sweep chimney sweep sevices

    Hi we are a chimney sweeping company
    we have been in the game for 40 years we have bought five power sweeping button lock kits from
    chimney rods direct the rods are one of the best that we have used the chain whip brush is grate for moving tar from the chimney
    The power sweeping heads that rods direct have designed are grate and last a long time not like the old brush that once had to use
    many thanks to rods direct for this design
    for all your chimney sweeping needs call us
    Sooty ?then sweep chimney sweeping services
    we fit wood burning stoves
    reg plates
    crow guards
    stone hearths chimney pot
    what you need we will do
    call 01536502159 07753333375
    Thanks to rods direct

  2. Great on big nests

    Used it for creosote and birds nests clearing heavy duty and does the job what it says it does.

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