Cyclone Power Sweep Chimney DIY Kit Flexible Flu-Flex Chimney




Cyclone Power Sweeping Kit

*****These Rods are Manufactured in Britain. Our rods are not in our view substandard Chinese rod material. Purchase from a small UK Chimney Sweeping Manufacturing company Support British jobs. We Thank you!*****

Included in your set:
Cyclone Power sweep rods super flexible
Cyclone Power Sweep Brush Head with super scrub strands fitted
Drill adaptor to fit onto the rods
Rod Storage Tube
allen key
Useful tips sheet

Cyclone Flu-Flex Power-Sweep chimney sweeping rods are a quality made product for sweeping tight bends in lined and twin walled chimneys with using a hand drill to power the brush head making cleaning easier and faster and removing far more soot than traditional hand sweeping. Cyclone power sweeping kit is ideal for tight bends where drain rods are not suited and will clean your flu like a professional. Due to the flexibility of the rods you are able to clean round tight bends and 45 degree angles with ease..Cyclone are suitable for all types of chimneys the brush head spins out with centrifugal force to clean as small as 4″ up to 14″ even cleaning square chimneys and rectangle chimneys in the corners. Cyclone brush head will not scratch or damage the flu or chimney.

Using a hand drill the Cyclone head will spin and breakup up soot and creosote build up in your flu simply add more rods by disconnecting the drill driver, add another 1 meter rod and proceed to the top of the flue, when at the cap the Cyclone brush head will clean the cap where hand sweeping brushes have trouble in cleaning thoroughly.

You can clean
Twin Walled systems
round , rectangle square
and many more

These rods are so flexible that you can clean directly through your stove limiting the soot created making cleaning efficient and easy.
Cyclone cleaning kit will navigate the most tricky flue of 2 x 90 degree bends and up to 5 45 degree bends in a run.

Brush Head

This specially designed brush head will clean from 4″ up to 14″ the strands are durable chemically resistant and durable, see our other listing for replacement strands no need to buy a new brush head simply buy strands on our other listings
Our strands are thicker and are of superior quality to other power sweeping heads offered.

These Rods are Manufactured in Britain Not Chinese Snapping Rods
Cyclone Power-Sweep chimney sweeping rods are 1m long made with durable Nylon with round fittings so when in motion will not damage the flue.the rods lock themselves into place with a strong button securing them together with a smooth round fitting when connected together,
For spares
Brush heads
Extra Rods
See our other listing
Free express postage

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