Big Button Lock 12mm Liner Kit Flu-Flex Rods




Quick overview of Advantages of this product compared to others on the market
Brass Fittings – Combining durability with hard wearing properties also helps the fittings slide together with ease

Big Button – Makes connection / disconnection effortless even with gloves.

Rods – Solid not hollow Rods High quality rod material flexible to navigate 3 x 90 degree bends in a run with ease. All sizes of rods will connect to each other 12mm to a 18mm to a 15mm
Fittings to Rods – All fittings are glued crimped and pinned wobble free secure tight fittings, fittings are inline with each other no need to rotate the next rod to locate the button.

Torpedo brush head – Solid Aluminium head offering long term durability and ease to change strands

Driver – Stainless steel with a standard chuck shape eliminating skidding in the chuck and being stainless steel durable.

12 month replacement warranty – In the unlikely event you do have a fault we will replace the item hassle free.

Attachment – Many attachments from chain brushes, wire strand heads ,nest hooks, bristle brushes and many more can be used.

Low Price – We manufacture so we can offer the savings directly onto the end user no middle men.

Included in kit
Select how many meters you need each rod is 1m in length
1 x Brush head 10 strands 12″ in diameter cleaning range 4″ – 10″
1 x Driver Stainless Steel, Shaped
1 x Allan key for brush head
Free Delivery
12 month replacement warranty for peace of mind

Flu-Flex Power-Sweep chimney sweeping rods for sweeping tight bends in lined and twin walled chimneys with using a hand drill to power the brush head making cleaning easier and faster. These rods are ideal for tight bends where drain rods are not suited Flu-Flex rods will have far less risk of causing damage to your chimney or liner. Due to the flexibility of the rods you are able to clean round tight bends and 45 degree angles with ease.

Brush Head
This specially designed Torpedo brush head will clean from 4″ up to 10″, the strands are durable and will last along time, see our other listing for replacement strands.

You can attach a bristle brush head to these rods for hand sweeping as well.
Please message use for a standard poly spiral brushes 2″ – 16″ in soft med & stiff

12mm Rods
Power-Sweep chimney sweeping rods are 1m long with round fittings so when in motion will not damage the flue. They lock together just by pushing the rods together and held in place with strong durable button, to release simply press the button down and pull apart. Fast and efficient power sweeping cuts the time of screwing traditional rods together and you can spin the brush head in both directions without unscrewing the rods or brush head.

We give a Full 12 month Guarantee: We cover All our Button Lock products Rods, Fixings, Heads, Drivers & attachments , with a replacement if needed. We don`t just cover the fixings we cover the Rods, Fixings, Heads, Drivers & attachments. We do not cover Strands Chains and wire head inserts.
Check when buying if that other suppliers will? We wont charge you for the delivery either.
All our rods are solid FluFlex Material not hollow, check when buying from other suppliers.
For a extra Power Sweep Brush heads or a standard poly spiral brush head
All Prices shown are including VAT and Free Delivery!
Any other questions please contact us.
For Ireland / Scottish Highlands and Islands Zones2 & 3
postcodes IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE
Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly -postcodes BT, IM, TR21-25
& World Wide

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