Advantages of Double Lock power sweeping Info Page.


Advantages of Double Lock power sweeping.

We give a Full 12 month Guarantee: We cover All our Double Lock products Rods, Fixings, Heads, Drivers & attachments , with a replacement if needed. We don`t just cover the fixings we cover the Rods, Fixings, Heads, Drivers & attachments. We do not cover Strands Chains and wire head inserts.
Check when buying if that other suppliers will? We wont charge you for the delivery either.

This Guide is for the Double Lock professional power sweeping and not the Semi Pro power sweep rods that we also sell, some advantages in this listing apply to the Semi Pro set others do not, for example connecting rods together, Semi Pro screw together has a 4 strand power head instead of 8 (as a option) on the Double Lock rods, semi pro diameters are only in 12mm no accessories can be added apart from wire strands.
The Double Lock has no restrictions on the above

Power sweeping is faster and more efficient cleaning process than traditional methods, you will get a cleaner chimney in half the time.

Double Lock rods are faster to assemble and disassemble than screwing rods together, push and lock, press and release.

You will clean rectangular chimneys.

Clean Faster, can take less then half the time and far less effort in cleaning.
Double Lock fittings have two stainless drive keys that drive the rods and stainless buttons that locks the rods together. The keys and keyways of the male & female do the driving giving the locking mechanism a longer life in just securing the rods together and not driving the rotation of the rods.

All our rods with Double Lock connections can connect to each other and the same goes with the brush heads and attachments, no need to buy a brush head for each rod diameter just use a head on a 16mm or 14mm or 12mm rods, or even mix and match your rods to suit 14mm with a 12mm leader.

With power sweeping you don’t need lots of brush heads the heads will clean from 4″ – 12″ 12″ – 25″ 25″ – 50″ creating a saving in its self and less carrying around a number of brushes.

The strands are hard wearing and replaced at a small cost.

Double Lock fittings are a combination of Stainless steel and brass / stainless steel is hard wearing to give extra strength and longevity, ideal for tile breaking and chain brushing.

Accessories including chain whip for removing extreme creosote and tar in all 3 sizes 4″ – 12″ 12″ – 25″ 25″ – 50″ (use with extreme caution). Standard brushes for hand cleaning sizes of 4″ – 16″ if needed, also available are spare brush heads so you can have all 3 sizes ready to go, you can buy strands on their own and replace the strands with a simple Allen key that is supplied.

Rods diameter guide
12mm super flex rods for problematic liners or flues with 5 x 45 degree bends or 4″ boiler pipe. recommended 4″ – 12″ strands with the small brass short bullet 4 strand head

14mm rods are now stronger and more rigid recommended 4″-12″ 12″ – 25″ strands
flues 9″ and above

16mm are now stronger and more rigid eliminating bend back, used for brick chimneys advised for chain brush and tile breaker & power sweeping inglenooks 12-25″ & 25″-50″ recommended head strands.

We advise you have a battery powered drill for safety reasons with a clutch ideally with 2 speeds.

With a power sweep kit you will receive
Rods to what size length you require
Brush head fitted with what length strands you require
Drill driver (adapter to connect rods to a drill)
Power sweeping guide

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We are adding more products all the time so please check regular for add-ons & Accessories to your rods.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Very Useful Guide

    Looking at all the power sweeping products on the market this guide helped with answering questions i needed to know , For chimney sweeping for many years now i decided to make the change to power sweeping from my traditional hand sweeping method that has worked well for 15 years. Using the 12mm kit and the 20mm kit for 3 months now without any issues they are paying dividends in how many sweeps i can do in a day and getting a bit longer in the tooth they certainly take the back breaking work out sweeping, i am sure i get more soot out and a cleaner chimney for the customer thumbs up guys and see you again soon . Terry at Essex sweeps.

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