1.0 m Flu-Flex Ultra Flex Flexible Rods For Liners With Brush




Flu-Flex chimney sweeping rods are quality made British product for sweeping tight bends in lined and twin walled chimneys. These rods are ideal for tight bends where drain rods are not suited Flu-Flex rods will have far less risk of causing damage to your chimney or liner. Due to the flexibility of the rods you are able to clean round tight bends and 45 degree angles with ease.All our rods and brushes are fitted with quality brass fittings through out.

With your purchase of the rods you will receive a free brush of size and stiffness you require. All our brushes have a big guide ball fitted to help with navigation of tight bends.
Brush selection
our brushes are made over size, to the exact right size for sweeping your chimney,
90% of flues will need a soft brush (they are not that soft)

(4″) = 100mm Boiler Pipe – Select a 4″ – Our 4″ brush is made to 120mm Diameter, the optimum size for sweeping a 100mm Boiler Pipe
(5″) = 125mm liner – Select a 5″ – Our 5″ brush is made to 145mm Diameter, the optimum size for sweeping a 125mm liner
(6″) = 150mm liner – Select a 6″ – Our 6″ brush is made to 172mm Diameter, the optimum size for sweeping a 150mm liner
(7″) = 175mm liner – Select a 7″ – Our 7″ brush is made to 195mm Diameter, the optimum size for sweeping a 175mm liner
(8″) = 200mm liner – Select a 8″ – Our 8″ brush is made to 228mm Diameter, the optimum size for sweeping a 200mm liner
(9″) = 230mm liner – Select a 9″ – Our 9″ brush is made to 254mm Diameter, the optimum size for sweeping a 230mm liner
Stiffness – if you have a 45 degree bend(s) or a flexi flue a soft brush would be more suited, If you have a relatively straight up and down flue or stubborn build up then a medium will be more suited here.

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For Ireland / Scottish Highlands and Islands Zones2 & 3
postcodes IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE
Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly -postcodes BT, IM, TR21-25
& World Wide

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4 reviews for 1.0 m Flu-Flex Ultra Flex Flexible Rods For Liners With Brush

  1. Same as listed eBay and slightly cheaper

    Used these on the 6″ liner flue navigated 2 45 degree angles with ease the soft brush worked really well. Clean chimney ready for the winter!

  2. Great Rods and fast email reply!

    Have had the white standard rods for my parents and i had the these black standard rods for myself ,the black rods are slightly more flexible both are capable of going round 3 dog legs on a 12m run and 8″ brush fitted through my 5″ pipe off the stove then cleaned the 8″ flue liner with 3 x 45 degree bends in,great rods guys thanks would recommend and buy again.

  3. Great Price Happy

    The pictures don’t do these rods justice, they are bendy and strong had mine for 3 years now and got my friend a set from here, i showed him mine and after 3 years of heavy use the fittings don’t wobble like a previous set and material does not go brittle!

  4. Great service

    what a great service from this company my rods arrived within the 24hr time stated and the brush is a bonus as soon as they arrived I fitted them up nd clened the chimney it ws effortless with the flex rods

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